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Introducing trading account in [Discovery-FX]


Introducing our products in [Discovery-FX]

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Introducing Trading rules in [Discovery-FX]


Introducing the platform that can trade in [Discovery-FX]

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Let`s find to new FX on Leverage maximum 1:1000!

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Trading account

The Discovery-FX is “Standard account”which made transaction fee free and “NANO spread account”which made transaction fee of the industry lowest price. We offer the Standard account is highly transparent market of STP,the NANO spread account is fair and high liquidity market of ECN to trader.

Customer account


Nano spread

The transaction unit is from 0.01 lot (1,000 currency), and the initial deposit amount at the time of opening account is the lowest USD 200 (JPY 20,000) for beginner trader to professional trader.

Maximum leverage

Transaction fees USD one way

Minimum spread(POINT)

We realized that ECN contract concluded fee can be reduced to US $ 3.0 / lot under the policy of reducing operating costs and not collecting excessive costs from customers.

Maximum leverage

Transaction fees USD one way

Minimum spread(POINT)

Introducing trading account in Discovery-FX.

Which account is using Meta Trader4(MT4) of most adopted in the world for trading tools.You can join worldwide market ,there are no restrictions on the use restrictions of the automatic trading program(Expert Advisor)and prohibition of matched order/scalping.
We offer without Mata Trader4(MT4)two platform which is two ClearPro for professional trader.


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